June 15

Getting most of my consoles back online.

Today I finished the install of Xlink Kai on Raspberry Pi.
UI Kai

There were a few things that made the install not that easy.
First of my user name was not ready did’t use the account that much so the email address was not correct.
Apparently it was linkt to my first email address that i own around 1998 till 2003 forgot that I got that 😀
After sorting that out with CrunchBite I could start on this project.

I installed it on my last available Raspberry a first gen. (Raspberry pi 1 B) 😀

So I Downloaded the newest and greatest version.
From the Xlink website.
Or ssh in to your Pi and use curl to download direct to the Pi

curl https://cdn.teamxlink.co.uk/binary/kaiEngine-7.4.33-rev767.headless.ARM.tar.gz --output kaiEngine-7.4.33-rev767.headless.ARM.tar.gz

Then extract it:
tar -zxvf kaiEngine-7.4.33-rev767.headless.ARM.tar.gz
x kaiEngine-7.4.33/
x kaiEngine-7.4.33/runforever.sh
x kaiEngine-7.4.33/kaiengine_arm
x kaiEngine-7.4.33/README

Then a sudo ./kaiengine_arm to test it:
Kai Boot
Open a browser and load the ip of your pi + port (http://192.168.1.xxx:34522/)
Then check >  Metrics 

Ok, I lied. I have a beta version (7.4.34)

Remember de Public port (44492) you will need it later.

If everything is working like it should you can make it auto boot edit
sudo nano /etc/rc.local

and added sudo screen -DmS kaiengine /home/pi/launchkai.sh above the exit line

After this your almost ready, because there needs to be some port forwarding (for me I did and have upnp on) :

Schermafbeelding 2019-06-15 om 21.02.06

When you join a room and nobody got a connection, this is mostly because the port that is need is not open.
the UI is on port 34522 but we don’t need this outside our house.
I did enabled Pat because I have 1 public ip and more xbox’s

Settings of Xlink Kai

but the public port in my case is 44492 (Remember Metrics)  so after changing this in my router:
Schermafbeelding 2019-06-15 om 21.14.54
I get everybody connected and see also ping status.  😀

UI Kai

So after that, boot up Halo 2.

And after selecting System Link a got a lot of games to join:

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Halo2 online

No lets get my ass kick by some PRO halo players 😀
giphy (1)

Outcome: Dcnigma 1 other player 20 😛 😛 Omg I need to practice < 🙂


Xlink Kai works perfect and is nice add-on for my xbox’s need to test other consoles later.

Code BugAlso i found a little bug:
if your password is contains a = symbol this will break auto login.
When you save your password in the config it will cut your password.



Now all my Raspberry Pi’s have a purpose.

  1. Oric Atmos 1     (RetroPie 4.4 (Raspberry Pi Zero first Gen))
  2. Xlink Kai           (Raspbian stretch lite (Raspberry pi 1 B))
  3. GameBoy Pi      (RetroPie 4.4 (Raspberry pi 2 B+))
  4. DreamPi             (DreamPi 1.7 (Raspberry pi 2 B+))
  5. Nes PI                 (RetroPie 4.4 (Raspberry pi 3 B+))

Powerd by Raspberry Pi

It’s time that the Raspberry Pi Foundation release a new pi 😀

I probably would get Kai running along DreamPi
but thats something I will test later.

Back to some Halo 2

June 14

Living in the 99-2000


Wow just wow! The official Website for Avalaunch is still up in 2019.
R.e.s.p.e.c.t. !!!

Remember that I enter a competition for them for a logo design.
I made a modded version of avalaunch for personal use 😀
Features where auto login in to Xbins irc and added auto login to there FTP.
That way I could direct download my new goodies from Xbins. Good times.
Xbox is maybe my favorite console, Dreamcast come’s very close…

If I ever find this custom xbe I will upload for the future!

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June 20

Some Info about the Xbox DVD drives


Philips Drive:

Will not read CD-R
Will read SOME (generally expensive media) CD-RW
Reads all DVD-R/RW
Does not read DVD+R/RW

Thomson Drive:

Will not read CD-R
Will only read SOME (generally expensive media) CD-RW
Reads all DVD-R/RW
Reads all DVD+R/RW

Samsung Drive:

Reads all CD-R/RW
Reads all DVD-R/RW
Will not read DVD+R/RW

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April 5

Upgrade 1 -=[Xbox 1 Emulators]=- +11275 Games

Upgrade 1 -=[Xbox 1 Emulators]=- +11275&#160;Games-Xbox 1 boots in to Visionary 3Added Shortcuts for UnleashX and CoinOPS 6 FullVisionary 3 FULL Optomied to run a pack 1000 games+ Extra Pack- Mario- Zelda- Crazy Taxi- Capcom ClassicCoinOPS info:- Arcade, 2.553 games(CapCom, Midway, NeoGeo, Jaleco, Atari, Sega, Namco, Taito)- Amiga,271 games- Amstrad, 6 games- Atari 2600, 673 games- Atari 7800, 65 games- Atari Lynx, 79 games- Atari ST, 163 games- Atari XL, 2 games- Colecovision,23 games- Commodore 64,64 games- Intellivision, 35 games- Sega Game Gear,169 games- Sega SG-1000,58 games- Sega Master System, 308 games- Sega Megadrive, 901 games- Sega Megadrive 32x, 30 games- Sega Megadrive CD, 202 games- NeoGeo Pocket, 78 games- Nintendo Gameboy, 11 games- Nintendo Gameboy Advance, 1.010 games- Nintendo Gameboy Colour, 569 games- Nintendo 8 bit, 1.135 games- Nintendo 16 bit,1.045 games- Nintendo 64 bit, 171 games- Nintendo Virtual Boy, 31 games- PC-engine, 318 games- PC-engine CD,165 games- Playstation 1,50 games- MSX, 25 games- Spectrum, 59 games- X68000, 6 gamesUnleashX For Ftp access

-Xbox 1 boots in to Visionary 3
Added Shortcuts for UnleashX and CoinOPS 6 Full

Visionary 3 FULL Optomied to run a pack 1000 games
+ Extra Pack
– Mario
– Zelda
– Crazy Taxi
– Capcom Classic

CoinOPS info:
– Arcade, 2.553 games
(CapCom, Midway, NeoGeo, Jaleco, Atari, Sega, Namco, Taito)
– Amiga,271 games
– Amstrad, 6 games
– Atari 2600, 673 games
– Atari 7800, 65 games
– Atari Lynx, 79 games
– Atari ST, 163 games
– Atari XL, 2 games
– Colecovision,23 games
– Commodore 64,64 games
– Intellivision, 35 games
– Sega Game Gear,169 games
– Sega SG-1000,58 games
– Sega Master System, 308 games
– Sega Megadrive, 901 games
– Sega Megadrive 32x, 30 games
– Sega Megadrive CD, 202 games
– NeoGeo Pocket, 78 games
– Nintendo Gameboy, 11 games
– Nintendo Gameboy Advance, 1.010 games
– Nintendo Gameboy Colour, 569 games
– Nintendo 8 bit, 1.135 games
– Nintendo 16 bit,1.045 games
– Nintendo 64 bit, 171 games
– Nintendo Virtual Boy, 31 games
– PC-engine, 318 games
– PC-engine CD,165 games
– Playstation 1,50 games
– MSX, 25 games
– Spectrum, 59 games
– X68000, 6 games

UnleashX For Ftp access