September 25

Setting up a Home PBX phone netwerk (3CX)

BUY a Raspberry Pi and install Raspberry Pi Imager

Then flash your sd card with Debian with Raspberry 32bit

we install the 3CX Phone System (IP PBX) on a Raspberry Pi using

one command:
wget; sudo bash
follow the installation and choose webbrowser

3CX Dashboard

Create Extensions

Download 3CX communicator for your phone/tablet and scan QR code

This is the easies way to make your home phone network work instantly.

How to use the 3CXPhone app for OSX
Download the app and install it, change in the preferences the Local SIP port to your 3CX server.

Check your port:

Settings > Network Settings > Ports

You need to create a extension first before you can configure a phone
Add a phone:

I just used the first phone in the pull down menu and added my mac’s Mac Address

Restart 3CXPhone and your connected

Having fun with the IVR

Its easy to make a IVR upload some custom wav files to give direction.

Idea: Fun IVR game. Find the right numbers to dial and progress in the IVR.

Setting up a SiP Trunk for outbound calling.

I use callpirates

Make The Outbound Rules:

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March 3

Demul on my Pinball

I got MAME running, but I wanted more..
So I tried loading Demul.

This didn’t go like I wanted at first needed to edit the script use a hidden command in pin popper to load the playfield “bezel”

But before I did that I needed to fit it on the screen,
I don’t know if I want to play on the playfield like I do now.
For now its ok but maybe I will change it in the future.
To make it work I needed to install windows app.
Found a good one that works, but after running it I found out that
I lost focus so I wrote a Autokey script to keep it ontop and press f3 to remove the menu bar in window view..
Script and hidden command for keeping playfield running below.
Here is a video how it resizes:

Here are some pictures of the 2 games I have running for now:

Made some backglasses for them and DMD images..
Wanted to use video, but found nothing fitting…

Will upload the script and tools later.

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March 1

Site Update….

Today I finally came around to updating my WordPress.
But now I know why I didn’t update before…
Needed to update PHP for it to work.

Good news I also updated it to https:// so my site is a bit secured..
so update your bookmarks ūüėÄ

Cheers Dc.

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March 1

Pinball Update

Ok it’s time for a little update on the Pinball Machine.
Stopped using Hyperpin and moved over to PinUP popper and PinPlayer.
Its the future¬†for Visual pinball…

After installing a new screen for the backglass I started searching for a new Frontend

and that is how I found out about PinUP popper.

Then the updates happend very quick:

After some tweaking I was able to install it and get it running on my Cab.

Here is video of the update.

Some pictures:

It has legs! Starting to keep it clean inside
Mame Pup Video's PinUP Player PUP video
Colored DMD
РYou can find PinUP popper frontend. if you follow the link.
Suggest you read the wiki a few times…- I made me some custom DMD overlays because of my 2 screensetup.
Been using DMDoverlay  but need to change the size here and there.
So we made some custom overlays download link below.

Schermafbeelding 2020-03-01 om 09.49.43
You can find my¬†Custom overlay DMD’s¬† in my folder.

– I wanted to add some Mame games.
Looked up some TATE games and now I have about 124 games.
Here is my game list ( Pastbin). PinUP popper got a nice search feature for pinball tables.
But for MAME games it will not work so i made my Wheels, DMD, etc myself.
Used the autorecorder for the playfield recording.
Here are someimages of my Mame wheel images:

Schermafbeelding 2020-03-01 om 09.59.42

You can find my Custom Mame Wheels  in my folder.

– I also needed custom DMD’s for my Mame games:
Schermafbeelding 2020-03-01 om 10.32.37
You can find my Custom Mame  DMDS  in my folder.

And of course I needed backglasses our Marquee but because of most
of the marquee images would be on the DMD I wanted to add Video’s.

Searched on youtube and (p)ornhub to find some useable video clips
Yes (p)ornhub apparently lots of TATE games are hot girls games ūüėÄ
So little warning for the videos not all are Safe for under 18 ūüėČ
Did a little editing on them but not enough to call it ready.
But i will share them and update them if i have time.
Schermafbeelding 2020-03-01 om 10.52.38
You can find my Custom Mame videos in my folder.

Install my images and videos in your default mame popvideo folder.

They are already named correct, if you use the same romset.
Didn’t use a rom organiser, so there can be errors.
See my game list at pastbin for the names I used.

Wheel images > Wheel
DMD images > DMD
Video images >  BackGlass

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December 14

Wip: Syscheck 0.0.1

I am working on something else.



Just something to check what extra things are installed on your switch.

Before making this I did’t know¬†that I have Sys-FTPD installed ūüėÄ

But its still in Dev fase need to find out how to write better to a txt.
My methode works and it doesnt work. Get output but not the correct ūüėÄ
Got it working by cheating in the code….
But it works.. SysCheck.txt gets created and holds the right information
Added ; so you could load it in as a csv..


Plus some self promotion, and the credits will be added soon.
Need to check this firs ūüėÄ sorry guys

Will not release this at this moment because of:
Since Atmosphère 0.10.1  changed the folders for these programs.
Atmosphere will move them at start up so the user will not notice.

So its not anymore in titles like in 0.9.4 but in contents,
I need to rewrite the checks code for 0.10.0 this is a easy fix but still something to do.

And i did’t expected this move of Atmosphere..

But if you can compile, you can download it from github Dcnigma SysCheck



December 14

ULaunch 0.2 release

Two weeks ago uLaunch 0.2 came out by XorTroll

I like uLaunch a lot it suppresses a lot of warnings.
(so no accedently update to 9.1.0 Like i did when I was on 8…)

Its a bit slower then the normal dashboard but i get used to that.

What I miss is quick scroll action or so like: 10 apps in once if you press up
This way I can access the ftp app easy.

But a quick acess buttonftp on top is also sweet.

So that is what i made if you want My modded version of uLaunch 0.2 follow the link.
Install same way as for uLaunch, in Atmosphere > titles folder.
(not for Atmosphère 0.10.1  XorTroll is still working on it.)
I also have a  Logo Amiibo button for quick access.
Next I could try making it more dynamic so you could load 2 custom apps of choose. 

Skinners can move the icons if they use ftp_icon amiibo_icon in the json file:

        "ftp_icon": {  
  "x": 40,  
  "y": 80,  

Also there is a bug in my version for the album it will load homebrew menu in applet mode. drawing
But i guess this is part fault in the way I load the apps.
Need to investigate that more “more research is needed”.

Going to try and see what happens if i load album from a menu icon.
my guts says it will load hbmenu but we will see.

Cheers Dcn

November 23

IPhone vs iCloud lock

I gotten a iPhone from a friend that he found, but it was iCloud locked.

At the time there were no iCloud bypase exploits
Today there are:
Checkra1n iCloud Bypass Package
Apple Tech 752 Bypass Tool V3
iCloudOFF Backup v1 (activated devices ONLY)
Dr Fone Switch (for iOS 11 iCloud Bypass)
3u tools (for iOS 11 iCloud Bypass)
Xampp Files (For Bypassing iCloud in iTunes)
MDM Bypass Tools
iPhone 4s iOS 6.1.3 iPSW (for downgrading and iCloud Bypassing)
Evasi0n7 OS X (Jailbreak tool for iOS 7.x.x)
Evasi0n7 WINDOWS (Jailbreak tool for iOS 7.x.x)
CFW Bypass Tools (for CFW iCloud Bypass)
libimobiledevice MinGW Build (best for CFWs and downgrades)
Redsn0w (Good for retrieving ICIDs, DFU mode, and older jailbreaks)
Firmware keys and ipsw downloads
DMG extract/build tool OS X (for iOS 9 and below, iOS 10 is already decrypted)
DMG extract/build tool WINDOWS (for iOS 9 and below, iOS 10 is already decrypted)
SSH Ramdisk Tool (For iPhone 4 iCloud bypass)
WinSCP (Windows only) (For iPhone 4 iCloud bypass)
RecBOOT OS X (For iPhone 4 iCloud bypass)
RecBOOT WINDOWS (For iPhone 4 iCloud bypass)
TinyUmbrella (GREAT for saving shsh blobs!)
Geeksn0w v.2.9 (One click iCloud bypass and jailbreak for iPhone 4!)
My iPhone 4s CFW for iOS 9.3.5 (Not compatible with all devices, I am not responsible for restore errors.)
Free IMEI iCloud checker (An alternative to Apples long gone activation lock status tool)
CopyTrans Manager (For free music without iTunes)

But that is not the reason I write this.
Because iCloud lock is been removed already :-S

Today i turn on the iPhone and it seems its been removed.
My guess is that the previeus owner removed the iPhone from his iCloud account.

And the only reason why he would do it is because of Apple will only allow 5 device / account.

So if you own all 5 devices. iPhone, Macbook/pro air , Apple Watch, iPad and  iMac.
Total Apple Fan boy! = no protection!

Your screwed if you lose one of your device and replace it with a new one,
you lose the lock and the finder can use your iPhone.

Since Checkra1n is the new jailbreak to go I did that and installed and rsyncd the hole iPhone
to my computer.
Just to look, the first time I wiped the data. But its cool to see the whole layout of the iphone.
Schermafbeelding 2019-11-23 om 10.37.05

Found a few cool .mov files:
Schermafbeelding 2019-11-23 om 10.39.14
Png’s of cours lots more..:

Schermafbeelding 2019-11-23 om 10.40.47

And yes it got Cyndia so BigBoss is already on it ūüėÄ