March 5

6 x 2 Macropad

Printed a macropad from thingiverse not this one but can’t find Og files.

but these look good too


  • 3D printer filament of your choice
  • Arduino Pro Micro (ATmega32u4)
  • 12 x Cherry MX-style mechanical key switches

I used KBFirmware to make the Firmware for the Arduino Pro Micro:
Used this pin out to find out what the KBfirmware pinouts were using

The Wiring:


I tried this layout for Minecraft
Made using Keyboard Layout Editor

For Microsoft Teams

Teams Shortcuts:

  • Accept video call Command+Shift+A
  • Accept audio call Command+Shift+S
  • Decline call Command+Shift+D
  • Toggle mute Command+Shift+M
  • Start screen share session Command+Shift+E
  • Raise or lower your hand Command+Shift+K
  • Start video call Command+Shift+U
  • End audio call Command+Shift+H
  • Toggle fullscreen Command+Shift+F
  • Toggle video Command+Shift+O
  • Toggle background blur Command+Shift+P
  • Open Activity Command+1

How to Setup the Macros:

Flash the HEX for Arduino Pro Micro with QMK Toolbox

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March 3

Demul on my Pinball

I got MAME running, but I wanted more..
So I tried loading Demul.

This didn’t go like I wanted at first needed to edit the script use a hidden command in pin popper to load the playfield “bezel”

But before I did that I needed to fit it on the screen,
I don’t know if I want to play on the playfield like I do now.
For now its ok but maybe I will change it in the future.
To make it work I needed to install windows app.
Found a good one that works, but after running it I found out that
I lost focus so I wrote a Autokey script to keep it ontop and press f3 to remove the menu bar in window view..
Script and hidden command for keeping playfield running below.
Here is a video how it resizes:

Here are some pictures of the 2 games I have running for now:

Made some backglasses for them and DMD images..
Wanted to use video, but found nothing fitting…

Will upload the script and tools later.

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March 1

Site Update….

Today I finally came around to updating my WordPress.
But now I know why I didn’t update before…
Needed to update PHP for it to work.

Good news I also updated it to https:// so my site is a bit secured..
so update your bookmarks šŸ˜€

Cheers Dc.

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