May 23

Google Cardboard.

Picture of the crappy build later 🙂
Not so good lenses.
Info about the needed lenses:

Then bought the Shit 🙂

Black Google Cardboard @ 45mm Focal Length Virtual Reality Headset
Version with Free NFC Tag & Headstrap


  • Complete Kit with NFC, Head-strap, Kraft Cardboard, pre-built and assembled in seconds.
  • The perfect solution for Virtual Reality on a budget!
  • Easy to assemble. With Printed Instructions and easy to follow numbered tabs.
  • Biconvex lenses 25mm in diameter and Focal length 45mm (exact google cardboard specification)
  • All rights reserved by Abasin Global Trading Ltd.
A Plastic version (No controls)

Andoer® Google Cardboard Plastic Version Virtual Reality DIY 3D
Video Glasses VR Bi-convex Head Mount Hands-free for 4-6″ Smartphone

  • 3D VR Virtual Reality glasses, wonderful Real 3D Experience; Plastics manufacturing, excellent workmanship.
  • You can use this item view 3D movie and 3D game on your cellphone.
  • Uses ABS and spherical resin lens materials without stimulation plastic sheet, environmental.
  • Can work with ISO system and Android 4.1 (or above versions) cell phones which is 4 – 6 inches.
  • Secret images, other people can not see anything except to the wearer himself.



Lets watch some video´s:


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