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Solved D6200 Reboot loop (EEPROM Reset)

Hey Boy´s and Girls Today i tried to get PVR running on my Samsung UE46D6200TSXXN and failed horrible.
I have changed the model the location and region I made some backups of my service screen.
A result of that is that my tv now keeps rebooting at splash screen of smart tv:
See this

So after few min I realize its a brick 😮 Of-course i made a backup using the Hospitality mode
Only one thing there is no way to load it back because of the reboot issue

I think the TV`s RS232 mode is on not sure but I don´t have a working Ex-Link Cable for C/D Series at hand so that option is out for now.

So I Tried the UnBricking TV by EEPROM Reset from the wiki:
Before trying the EEPROM reset, please try a this factory reset, that might revive your TV also.
Press “EXIT” button for 12 seconds (15 is better since you cannot see TV), than press “Left” and “Enter”
I tried this for a half hour or so but no luck the TV reboots before getting to 15 seconds.

The only thing to do was attaching the wires. first of locate the EEPROM
Here are some pictures of my TV maybe handy for the wiki:

I used a button because i got a feeling i need to do this more than once

So after everything is connected time to test it info from the wiki: power on TV and hold about for 20 seconds with the TV powered.
It just try to read (wrong) settings from EEPROM, since it cannot read anything, just start with defaults. That is what we want.
Than releasing SDA line and shutting TV off will update the settings on EEPROM with null values, that TV could boot with it.
After all, you can enter service menu and change the required changes
But for me its not working, when I turn on the switch, and making the connection the only thing that happens is the Smart TV logo turns upside down,
so there is something happening i made also a video
Did i forgot something?
is my wire to long?
can´t I use a button?
I have a few questions if someone got some answers for me that would help me a lot
Also i made a 1-1 copy of my samsungtv FTP in 2012 its 1,29 GB (1.387.958.272 bytes) 20.338 Files, 1.898 Folders

Thanks in Advance

For all of my pictures of my samsung UE46D6200TSXXN Take a look at my flickr

The Solution

Wait Longer… 🙂

First time I turned on the tv right a way and waited 20sec when EEPROM was bridged then turned it of and switched it back to normal tv.
This did´t work..

Next time I powered my TV on waited about 30 to 60 sec then turned on the TV waited also 30 seconds then switched the switch to normal mode
and the very welcoming Samsung statement was greeting me to change the settings in service menu.
Connected my Lan cable opened service menu send the factory button and the 3x forward command and changed everything back
thank god for the backup pictures I made

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