September 14

My Wii homebrew pong game

In 2010 i made a WiiPong game just to demonstrate that Wii Game Studio can have Multiplayer..

At that time Wii Game Studio was under heavy fire from developers. they said it was not really a good product…….

And that the creator can’t charge money for other peoples work…

It was a hole flame war, ok the creator
did’t credit any of the dev kit or other tools used for compiling Wii homebrew.
And it din’t came also include in the pack.. so at the time i found it no problem still not.
I found it easy to create simple games for my Wii without a extend knowledge of the WII Dev kit..

So for a graphic designer that wants to learn and create games for his wii its was a dream came true.

I payed for the gui and start making my first demo’s for my self..

Later on wii game studio got such a bad name that i wanted to do something about it..

So i decided to make a game for it. to show that wii game studio can produce a good looking homebrew game and have multiplayer in a creative way..

Because Game studio only supported one wii controller you needed a good idea to map your controls for
two players on one controller..

so i thought to my self witch game use’s simple controls?



So my WiiPong version of Pong will use only 1 controller.
There is no cpu play because the goal of this project was to show that 2 player games
where possible in Wii game studio you just needed to be creative to work it out..

How to play?
Left and Right for player 1
Plus and Minus for player 2

Game Types:
– Best of 3
– Best of 5
– Best of 100

Download at:  wiiPong.rar incl tutorial for Wii Game studio

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