November 23

IPhone vs iCloud lock

I gotten a iPhone from a friend that he found, but it was iCloud locked.

At the time there were no iCloud bypase exploits
Today there are:
Checkra1n iCloud Bypass Package
Apple Tech 752 Bypass Tool V3
iCloudOFF Backup v1 (activated devices ONLY)
Dr Fone Switch (for iOS 11 iCloud Bypass)
3u tools (for iOS 11 iCloud Bypass)
Xampp Files (For Bypassing iCloud in iTunes)
MDM Bypass Tools
iPhone 4s iOS 6.1.3 iPSW (for downgrading and iCloud Bypassing)
Evasi0n7 OS X (Jailbreak tool for iOS 7.x.x)
Evasi0n7 WINDOWS (Jailbreak tool for iOS 7.x.x)
CFW Bypass Tools (for CFW iCloud Bypass)
libimobiledevice MinGW Build (best for CFWs and downgrades)
Redsn0w (Good for retrieving ICIDs, DFU mode, and older jailbreaks)
Firmware keys and ipsw downloads
DMG extract/build tool OS X (for iOS 9 and below, iOS 10 is already decrypted)
DMG extract/build tool WINDOWS (for iOS 9 and below, iOS 10 is already decrypted)
SSH Ramdisk Tool (For iPhone 4 iCloud bypass)
WinSCP (Windows only) (For iPhone 4 iCloud bypass)
RecBOOT OS X (For iPhone 4 iCloud bypass)
RecBOOT WINDOWS (For iPhone 4 iCloud bypass)
TinyUmbrella (GREAT for saving shsh blobs!)
Geeksn0w v.2.9 (One click iCloud bypass and jailbreak for iPhone 4!)
My iPhone 4s CFW for iOS 9.3.5 (Not compatible with all devices, I am not responsible for restore errors.)
Free IMEI iCloud checker (An alternative to Apples long gone activation lock status tool)
CopyTrans Manager (For free music without iTunes)

But that is not the reason I write this.
Because iCloud lock is been removed already :-S

Today i turn on the iPhone and it seems its been removed.
My guess is that the previeus owner removed the iPhone from his iCloud account.

And the only reason why he would do it is because of Apple will only allow 5 device / account.

So if you own all 5 devices. iPhone, Macbook/pro air , Apple Watch, iPad and  iMac.
Total Apple Fan boy! = no protection!

Your screwed if you lose one of your device and replace it with a new one,
you lose the lock and the finder can use your iPhone.

Since Checkra1n is the new jailbreak to go I did that and installed and rsyncd the hole iPhone
to my computer.
Just to look, the first time I wiped the data. But its cool to see the whole layout of the iphone.
Schermafbeelding 2019-11-23 om 10.37.05

Found a few cool .mov files:
Schermafbeelding 2019-11-23 om 10.39.14
Png’s of cours lots more..:

Schermafbeelding 2019-11-23 om 10.40.47

And yes it got Cyndia so BigBoss is already on it 😀




September 24

Ps3 Mod by Ipod :-D

My first ps3 that i modded i used my ipod touch to unlock it.
it was fairly easy to do below you can find a guide to setup the exploit.


This picture shows the mod in progress.
(How to install PSfreedom on iPod touch 1G)Updated PL3 payload

What you will need:
An iPod Touch 1g running 3.1.2 with blackra1n
Vmware Player
Ubuntu 10.04
PS3freedom for ipod touch PL3
PS3freedom for iPhone 2g/3g PL3
OpenSSH (Installed from Cydia on your iPod touch)Alright, so I start here assuming you have the above.
Please note that 3.1.2 iPods with redsn0w may or may not work.Install ubuntu on your vmware player and start it.
First we will install OpeniBoot, get it from the link.
First, make a folder in your home directory named openiboot, move the files from the download above into the openiboot folder.Now, open a terminal (under applications, accessories) and type “cd ~/openiboot” without the quotes. Next, type “sudo su” (for the rest of this section, do not type the commands with the quotes around them). Enter your password that you use to sign in to linux (don’t be afraid if you don’t see yourself typing anything, its a security feature).Now then, we get to installing openiboot. Plug your iPod touch in with recovery mode (shows up as connect to itunes on your iPod). In VMware, go to the VM tab, go to removable devices, and look for anything saying apple device or iPod. On that, click “Connect (Disconnect from Host)”.Now, in terminal type “./loadibec openiboot.img3”. You should see openiboot come up on your iPod Touch. On your iPod Touch, click the top left button once, so you highlight Console. Now, click your home button. On linux, in terminal, type “./oibc” quickly after doing that last step. You should see the text on your iPod come up in the linux terminal. When you see “Welcome to OpeniBoot” type “install” into the terminal.

You should it start to install, so wait a few minutes until it is completed. Congratulations, you have installed OpeniBoot and finished the first part of the tutorial!

Now then, to get the exploit installed installed ( Don’t need ubuntu from now on)

Take the 2 files from the .gz(extract using 7zip) you downloaded (android.img.gz, zimage) and put them in a place you will remember. Next, open up iFunbox(in windows) and navigate to root file system/private/ and copy those 2 files into the var folder (root file system/private/var).

Make sure that the 2 files are exactly the same size as the files on your computer, as this is an annoying part to screw up on. Now that that is done, open up winscp. But before you can do anything with that, go to your iPod Touch and find your IP address (Press the blue arrow in Wifi Settings).

Now, copy the IP address into the winscp “host name” box. Then put the name “root” as username, and the password “alpine” as the password. Now, before connecting, change the file protocol to scp. Then, press login. It should take a moment, then display your iPod Touch directories on the right side of the screen.

Navigate to private/var and check that all 2 files are there. Now, right click each file, select properties, and change the permissions to 777 (make sure the first 3 rows of boxes are selected).

Turn your iPod Touch off, and then on, and OpeniBoot should come up. Select Android, and it should boot.

The actual exploit.

Switch of ps3 and then switch it off and on at the back.
Have the iPod connected to the PS3 with no other USB devices.
Click on Android on your ipod
When you see the Loading Firmware line, hit your power+eject
Press power then eject quickly.
Should boot up with the 2 new icons

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