June 5


After a few years doing nothing with the translation.
I decided to release the project.

Will have a download for the game but will make a separate download file.
This separate download will have the vtf converted to png for anyone that wants continue on this project.

Most of the graphics to change are located at /hl2/materials/ac2d/*
I did also few of changes in the GameUI.dll, ac.dll, nesys.dll, srcds.dll
If you change your language setting for your computer to Japanese you will see the missing text in game but it will be in kanji
Also errorwin.exe got changed.

Just compare the files to see what I have changed.

I used a few tools, Hexeditor, Photoshop, notepad++ and also
you will need a photoshop vtf plugin to edit the vtf files.
(plugin will only work in photoshop 32bit)

source: https://nemstools.github.io/pages/Miscellaneous-PS_VTF_Plug-In.html

Links to downloads: Soon need to test on other computer if it boots.

Copyright 2021. All rights reserved.

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