September 25

Setting up a Home PBX phone netwerk (3CX)

BUY a Raspberry Pi and install Raspberry Pi Imager

Then flash your sd card with Debian with Raspberry 32bit

we install the 3CX Phone System (IP PBX) on a Raspberry Pi using

one command:
wget; sudo bash
follow the installation and choose webbrowser

3CX Dashboard

Create Extensions

Download 3CX communicator for your phone/tablet and scan QR code

This is the easies way to make your home phone network work instantly.

How to use the 3CXPhone app for OSX
Download the app and install it, change in the preferences the Local SIP port to your 3CX server.

Check your port:

Settings > Network Settings > Ports

You need to create a extension first before you can configure a phone
Add a phone:

I just used the first phone in the pull down menu and added my mac’s Mac Address

Restart 3CXPhone and your connected

Having fun with the IVR

Its easy to make a IVR upload some custom wav files to give direction.

Idea: Fun IVR game. Find the right numbers to dial and progress in the IVR.

Setting up a SiP Trunk for outbound calling.

I use callpirates

Make The Outbound Rules:

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May 11


What does your project do?

This Dll will integrate Busy Light for 3CX More info about busy light =>

How is it set up?

Extract files and copy to C:\ProgramData\3CXPhone for Windows\PhoneApp When you have more Dll´s edit the “3CXWin8Phone.exe.config”

How is it used?

After the set up is done, you can launch 3CXPhone for Windows.

The plugin will start and the busy Light will start with a Green light.

  • If there is a call connected it will turn Red.
  • When there is a call coming in it will turn Blue.
  • And it will turn Green again after the call is ended or stops.

(*Older video where in coming call is Red)

How can others help?

I have posted my source code at the 3cx forum and my github, so other people can collaborate to make a better plug-in.

3CX forum post:


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