May 10

PS4 exploring

Today I dumped my hole content of my PS4. (FTP)

As curious as I am started looking in to some files using good old text editor.

boot_stats.txt and Vshlog.0.txt where very funny to see for my ps4 because
I never used my PS4 that much and boot_stats gives a nice report of that.
Location: System_Data\priv\vshlog\

VshLog.0.txt gives a more detailed over look on the boot times.


SUM_TOTAL                                                      322
POWER_BUTTON                                            149
BOOTUP_AT_POWERON                              12
BLUETOOTH                                                      112
BG_DAILY_CHECK(EAP)                               11
POWER_BUTTON(EAP)                                  8
EJECT_BUTTON                                                15
MAIN_SOC                                                          12
DISC_LOADED                                                   2
CEC                                                                         1

Very nice stats

First time I Rebooted my ps4 by VshLog.0.txt

Tue,15 Dec 2015 16:34:26 +0100 [SceSystemStateMgr] shutdown for reboot
Build shows up.
Tue,22 Dec 2015 04:52:26 +0100 [SceSystemStateMgr] Boot up (build#612804, EAP, BG_DAILY_CHECK)
Last entry of my vshlog:
Fri, 10 May 2019 07:36:22 +0200 [SceSystemStateMgr] Boot up (build#1007501, POWER_BUTTON)


I find it strange there is no real information on the file structure of the ps4.

Maybe i remember it wrong but the wiki on ps3 got a lot of more info on that then ps4..

Found a short list on PsdevWiki but they only show the Partitions on the ps4 side.
And the decrypted folders:

Schermafbeelding 2019-05-10 om 08.51.03
Only on for the removable media they cover the file structure a bit.

been exploring the file structure of the PS4 and there are a lot interesting things to look at.

The title_workaround.xml file got my attention…. but no info about this file.
there is also a title_workaround.env and there is also a little bit of info on this for ps4.

  • Z80: this .env files are known from cca 3.55? imho
  • no idea what is new in 4.70 because i don’t have code/dumps for that firmware, but each fw brings something new

psdevwiki Env File the title_workaround.env is encrypted

The PS4 requests a number of .env files from Sony servers, they use some form of encryption so I am uncertain as to what they contain.

Apparently the ps4 holds a lot of these .env files.
So its not only a PsN feature and something tells me these contain some keys and of course SCEI DNAS Root 01

also the suspend_blacklist_ps4 suspend_ng_list.xml looks interesting…

to continue

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