May 11


What does your project do?

This Dll will integrate Busy Light for 3CX More info about busy light =>

How is it set up?

Extract files and copy to C:\ProgramData\3CXPhone for Windows\PhoneApp When you have more Dll´s edit the “3CXWin8Phone.exe.config”

How is it used?

After the set up is done, you can launch 3CXPhone for Windows.

The plugin will start and the busy Light will start with a Green light.

  • If there is a call connected it will turn Red.
  • When there is a call coming in it will turn Blue.
  • And it will turn Green again after the call is ended or stops.

(*Older video where in coming call is Red)

How can others help?

I have posted my source code at the 3cx forum and my github, so other people can collaborate to make a better plug-in.

3CX forum post:


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