December 30

Forgotten Project… Sonic MOD to Minion..

Everybody loves #Sonic#         Everybody loves #The minions#

I Modded Stuart in to Sonic 1, at first i thought it was Bob that´s why the name is showing Bob in some video´s, changed it in final version.
Not that i am releasing this in to the wild, only by popular demand.

Did this MOD just to play around with the sprite editor and the Level editor.

Here are some making offscreens :-p


Love the idea of change the old games and i like to see it also on real hardware:
Also Flashed it on my Fake Everdrive:


Tried it on my Megadrive and works 🙂


This is the Finale Version:

Compare beta 1 Vs Sonic:

Beta 1:

Its just for play play nothing special.
Things done:

Did some Sprite edting on the Rom file it self.
Did some Pallet editing on the rom file it self.
Did some Hex Editing on the Rom file it self.
Did Some level editing on the rom file it self.

Things i would do different?

Use the dis-assembled file and start from there on.

Recap, I think Sonic has potential to be an Minion,
Change the rings to bananas and add in some mean minions and done.
Would be a Nice Megadrive / Genesis Clone of that Minions running game ‘Minion Rush’ on Smartphones…

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