June 9

My Oric 1 Pi zero case :-D

Meet the Oric Atmos 1
Today it was father’s day and I wanted to make something special for my dad.
Back in the 80’s my dad got the Oric II and he still got it (and operational).
So why not give him the Oric 1 mini 😀 the nes mini theme would go good with this in retropie.
It was also my first computer, so after some searching I found a Oric 1 model that I could use for this.

Load that model in to ThinkerCad and a Raspberry Pi zero model, just for size’s.
Schermafbeelding 2019-06-09 om 20.47.29 
Schermafbeelding 2019-06-09 om 20.47.41

If you want to tinker more:

Added retropie installed the Oric emulator and added the roms.

Oric Atmos theme that i made for the Nes-mini theme:

Download link: Oric Atoms. (oops include the psd.. systembackground.png is a psd)

Location of the themes: /etc/emulationstation/themes/(nes-mini)

My dad/mom loved The Oric 1 mini 😀

Printed the model and painted it in the original colors.

Print the logo label and stick it on using glue. o1logo1

If you want the print ready package

Download here

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