April 5

Half Life² Survivor Ver 2.0 PC version

Show and Tell!

A time a go I edit the textures of Half Life² Survivor Ver 2.0 Japanese to English

A demo of this can be found on Youtube.
Will release the Texture pack a soon if there are enough viewers.

After messing around in the textures I started messing in the DLL files and found more stuff to translate.
Or Fix coin error fixed no more shutdown etc.

So I focused on that and found very good information 🙂

But I am also working on some other things giving the game more gameplay or features.

First of the show of is the Battle map level selector:

Because if you play the game you will always play the same battle if I use my tool?
The game will change the battle every 300 seconds.

Change every map setting

If you have 2 screens like me, then you can enable the Marquee option.
Set the Location and the size you want:


This will give you a preview of the map that is loaded.

Written the code in VBA.


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