September 24

Beta tester for a PS3 tool

Back in the hay days of the ps3  Contacted me to test his new ps3 tool.
Its a all in one tool for ps3 in a nice GUI.

He contacted me because i have been checking different build versions of eboot.bin  files.
Results of scetool:

I shared a lot of info on forums like and i got his attention.
On twitter he asked me to beta test the final version of his tool.
I never beta tested a program my self and found it a great honor to do.
Over twitter i told him my results and he updated the bugs afterwards.
This was a great experions and found it very cool.
Below is the release info on where you can download the tool your self.


In a turn of events, PsDev has released his final edition of PS3Tools GUI Edition, v3.3.

He has also stated he plans on releasing the source code to his project at a later time, so others may continue the work he started. He has told me the reason he wishes to stop work on this project, is so that he can move on to develop other projects. Below you will find all 12 releases, all of which were released here at PSX-Scene first. Thanks PsDev!

It has been fun making this program, it has gone threw 12 awesome updates. I’m sad to stop working on it, but I’m happy to see what you guys can continue to make it into. I will release the source code, but not today, not in this thread. lets leave that for another time and focus on this release. This is also the most stable version, all features have been tested not only by me but other people too, (Dcnigma, Industerialcode) and all features work properly.



  • scetool v0.28 added
  • New keys added to keyset
  • New script for EBOOT resigning
  • New file system layout
  • Removed do it button
  • Now everytime you select a option from one of the drop down menu it does that option right away
  • Removed SELF tool
  • Cleaner
  • Every option has its individual message box completion of operation

There is a new way that the file system works. There is a individual folder for all the tools (PUP Tools, scetool, Core_os Tool ect) And when you want to use the tool just place the file in the correct folder and use the GUI. This system is cleaner and allows me to not use as much code.

there is a script in the scetool folder called fix. This script is what can be edited to your standards for the EBOOT resigning. I did this so if you want to sign for 3.41 ect or change compression or anything just edit the script and run the GUI no need for new update, much more efficient

@echo off
FOR /F "tokens=1,2 delims= " %%A IN ('scetool.exe -i EBOOT.BIN') DO (
if [%%A]==[ContentID] set CID=%%B
scetool.exe --decrypt EBOOT.BIN EBOOT.ELF
scetool.exe --sce-type=SELF --compress-data=FALSE --skip-sections=TRUE --key-revision=0A --self-auth-id=1010000001000003 --self-add-shdrs=TRUE --self-vendor-id=01000002 --self-type=NPDRM --self-fw-version=0003005500000000 --np-license-type=FREE --np-content-id=%CID% --np-app-type=EXEC --np-real-fname=EBOOT.BIN --encrypt EBOOT.ELF EBOOT.BIN
scetool -i EBOOT.BIN

There is no more “Do It” button, since I change the way the files are modified I thought I will just make every option a button it self, si when you click the option you like from the drop down menu it will do the operation

Note* After click may take a sec for the operation to start be patient.
DOWNLOAD: PS3Tools Final


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September 20

Test card/screen Simulator!

My dad is a Ham Radio/TV amateur and he asked if i could write a better version of his version Test card/screen program that he found on the internet. Site is offline 

My version is almost a one 2 one copy of Peter his program the only different aspect is: custom screen options.

My dad complains that after he upgrade his video card he could get Peter’s version working correct.

So i looked at the application and told my dad that i could code that in one day and make it better.
I took this challenge because i written some code for custom screen options before.

My version got all basic functions that peter’s version got i left out the RGB options because otherwise i couldn’t make the dead line of one day 😀

If you select view set location Testbeeld you get another window and you can drag it to the desired screen/location…
after hitting the Set button the location is fixed.
If you hit the fullscreen button it will load the Test card/screen on that location.
Some more test card options:

Download: Dropbox download. Testscreen app

Source code : Github
Video demo:

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July 30

Old AR demo I made forgotten about until Pokemon Go appeared.

Some time back i tried the hole Augmented Reality thing and now that Pokemon Go is so popular

I remembered this project that i did below is a video showing a demo of the project that i did:

If you enable your Webcam in this flash app you can try it your self.

The X-wing will rotated on the Code and if you move it it will follow your movement.

Needs Webcam!

This code is used to display the xwing print it out or display it on your tablet or phone

Place it so the webcam can see the code

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June 25

New Mp3 player for my Touchscreen Radio.

 Last week i tried DWjukebox on my Touchscreen Radio,
the read me file states that it will not work with a touchscreen or mouse above windows xp
So i lost all my touchscreen goodness if i use that program.
I did a search for alternative for it but could’t find any good that looked good enough for standalone player….
So i decided to code my own version in Visual Studio 2010 (VB)
It works very easy:
 First time you run the program you will need to setup the Database.
I do this by making a simple TXT file containing the location of the files.
First select the location of you mp3 files:
Example users/My Music
Then Press the button Prepare TXT and wait until the console screen closes it self and
you return to the first screen.
The program will use a predetermined folder for saving the TXT file.
if you click the Use Mp3 TXT file you will be pointed in to the right folder.
Just select the mp3list.txt and the contend of the txt file will be loaded in to the database.
You can check it and I suggest you do this the first time you Run the program.
When you don’t check the database the Jukebox player will not load the database.
But if you close (click the 25 cent button) and restart it will load the Jukebox and the database
directly. This is a little bug and is in reality very easy to fix only did’t do it for now.
Honestly its not that a big bug because it will only happen at first setup. After setup it will correct
the bug at loading.

Demo video, sorry for no original music from the video.
The source code and the project files are available on Github.
A compiled version can be Downloaded here: Touchscreenmp3Radio
April 8

Half Life² Survivor 2.0 Nesys Simulator App Wip

Here is a construct of my new Half Life² loader.
I bought a Rfid reader and now i want to simulate the arcade feeling more.

In later clips you will see the custom player menu´s weapon shop item shop etc.

This clip shows the possible way´s to save or load the game.

Will add a option for dual screens so you can have a marquee effect:
show loading maps have player info etc…

this app/loader will give you the beste Half life² survivor arcade experience that you can have on pc.


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February 6

RFID I Know how you work :-)


I solder the Velleman K8019 kit together and made my own software:

And now let the creative thought flow!
Make a more complex program ^_^


This is a screen of the official Velleman program:

Its used to program the RFID reader you can change the door open system and add or remove cards from the system.

If you write your own program you can gather the data from the serial port and make your own database and give it functions.
For now I don´t have the need for the door unlock feature but its handy for future project.
Example : Turn on pc by presenting rfid card


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January 2

Unity 3D make your own VR Game

This is my own tutorial on how to make a VR game its been done so many times before me but all the tutorials have shitty controls or are outdated.

Here is a sample of a game i did but controls on android device are screwed by the autowalk script i used so need to create my own.

So lets start form scratsh and make en new tutorial that would work with Unity 5.0.0p2 (64-bit)
and Latest Google Cardboard SDK from the Github

Setting up Cardboard

  1. Download the latest version of Unity.
  2. Download the Cardboard SDK for Unity.
  3. Download the Cardboard Demo for Unity.
  4. Download the Android SDK if you don’t already have it. The “SDK Tools Only” option is sufficient.
    Follow theinstallation instructions up to and including “Get the latest SDK tools”.
  5. Open Unity, creating a new project

Also lets download the extra controllers
Requires Unity 4.6.3 or higher.

Cardboard Controls+ is all you need to develop the best Cardboard games in Unity.
These scripts enhance Google’s official Cardboard SDK for Unity with event-driven improvements for discrete magnet control,
orientation tilting, and gaze raycasting. Stop limiting your creative options!

You may experience problems if you import the code manually without using the provided unitypackage file.

Import them like show below
import them

Controls+ Demo APK download

Unity forgot the Y

Today I was having a problem getting a first person control to work in Unity for Google Cardboard. I had done it once but could not remember how to do it again. The problem I was having was that once the controller was attached to head i has just falling through the terrain. I attached the controller to the camera (but not the head) and this would solve the problem of falling through the terrain, but the head was not attached to the controller so movement was set in the start and would not change based on head movement.

My solution to the problem, once you have added a first person control delete its camera. Put it under CardboardMain and all cameras under the first person control. Add a component to the First Person Control. This component should be the CardBoard Head (script). Next uncheck the Track Position button under the Head (script) you just added, and the Mouse Look (script) also under First Person Control. Finally delete the old Head object in the Hierarchy.

Hope this can save some time with anyone else with this problem,

Couple of Bros

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December 30

Forgotten Project… Sonic MOD to Minion..

Everybody loves #Sonic#         Everybody loves #The minions#

I Modded Stuart in to Sonic 1, at first i thought it was Bob that´s why the name is showing Bob in some video´s, changed it in final version.
Not that i am releasing this in to the wild, only by popular demand.

Did this MOD just to play around with the sprite editor and the Level editor.

Here are some making offscreens :-p


Love the idea of change the old games and i like to see it also on real hardware:
Also Flashed it on my Fake Everdrive:


Tried it on my Megadrive and works :-)


This is the Finale Version:

Compare beta 1 Vs Sonic:

Beta 1:

Its just for play play nothing special.
Things done:

Did some Sprite edting on the Rom file it self.
Did some Pallet editing on the rom file it self.
Did some Hex Editing on the Rom file it self.
Did Some level editing on the rom file it self.

Things i would do different?

Use the dis-assembled file and start from there on.

Recap, I think Sonic has potential to be an Minion,
Change the rings to bananas and add in some mean minions and done.
Would be a Nice Megadrive / Genesis Clone of that Minions running game ‘Minion Rush’ on Smartphones…

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