June 20

Request: How to setup and install DreamPi Pal


I made this tutorial because there are some issues for pal users even Kazade could get it working ūüėÄ
His tutorial¬†“Quote Kazade’s”

But for PAL, it gets even more complicated. Generally PAL modems are classed as Model B modems – they require a line voltage. However, I found that not many PAL users had had much luck getting connected, and when I tried, it didn’t work for me either, even with a line voltage inducer!

Here is a quick Tutorial to flash DreamPi on OSX
Things needed:

DreamPi 1.7 Image
-Dell modem A Linux-compatible, USB dial-up voice modem (UK | US | DE)
Line Inducer 18V + Phone Cable (Line Inducer Diagram)
-Raspberry Pi
-Dreamcast browser software (e.g. Dreamkey 3.0,Quake 3)
-Access to your Router

Get (DreamPi 1.7 Image) from the Kazade’s page: Or Download here!
Extract .7z using unarchiver  or any extractor that can extract 7Z
Open Etcher: Load DreamPi-1.7.img If you inserted your SD check if it selected and press flash!:
Schermafbeelding 2019-06-20 om 18.45.05
Wait until Flashed and Validating are done!
flash  Validating
After write and check insert into Raspberry PI and give your PI power.
(Don’t connect the modem!!)

DreamPi will start up on boot.
This is all you need todo if you want to boot in you Pi you can do it like this:

Not my picture

Once you booted your will be prompt a Login screen.

Not my picture

Login: pi
Password: raspberry

you can change the password: passwd

Extra info for Pal users:

I found that there is a strict boot sequence I need to follow.
If I do every thing in sequence it works every time.

I recommend to login SSH or via HDMI composted what ever monitor the log after boot!
using this command:

sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog


This is how you can follow the activity of your DreamPi:
Schermafbeelding 2019-06-20 om 19.07.44
At this point the Pi is resolving domains. Good point to connect the modem:
Schermafbeelding 2019-06-20 om 19.10.05
Reason for not connecting modem not at boot is because modem would not get found in DreamPI script.
If you wait until boot it works every time.

Now you wait until you see that DreamPi is ready for a connect from your Dreamcast:
At this point Dreampi is starting up:
Schermafbeelding 2019-06-20 om 19.16.04
Here is it starting Up your modem. Keep on waiting….
Schermafbeelding 2019-06-20 om 19.16.20
Here you can find your Dreamcast IP : default 192.168.x.98 if free (replace x with your mine 1)
And the OK gives you the signal to connect the Line Inducer for the extra 18V. 
Other wise you will get Line buzzy error
Schermafbeelding 2019-06-20 om 19.16.40

At this point your done on your Pi takes like 2 – 5 min I guess at the most.

After that I found out I could reconnect change games etc without any problems.
Leaving it connect for longer than a day I never got this to work. I have a feeling DreamPi crashes at one point.
Need to consult te logs for that….

OK lets continue with the tutorial.

Open the ports for your dreamcast so login to your router.
The easy way out is just open your Dreamcast ip 192.168.x.98 in your router using  DMZ:
Schermafbeelding 2019-06-20 om 19.25.38
Otherwise you need to port forward all ports needed for the different games


Alien Front Online: UDP 7980 ChuChu Rocket!: UDP 9789 NBA/NFL/NCAA 2K Series: UDP 5502 | UDP 5503 | UDP 5656 | TCP 5011 | TCP 6666 The Next Tetris: Online Edition: TCP/UDP 3512 Ooga Booga: UDP 6001 PBA Tour Bowling 2001: TCP/UDP 2300-2400 | UDP 6500 | TCP/UDP 47624 | UDP 13139 Planet Ring: UDP 7648 | UDP 1285 | UDP 1028 Starlancer: TCP/UPD 2300-2400 | UDP 6500 | TCP/UDP 47624 World Series Baseball 2K2: UDP 37171 | UDP 13713 Worms World Party: TCP 17219


After this your done boot up your dreamcast and Quake 3 or Web browser to config your modem:
I used Quake this is my setup:


The requirement to dial that specific number was removed pre version 1.0 and now it will answer any number that’s dialed. DreamPi doesn’t require a specific username or password either. But you need to fill it in so go crazy!

Just a test when i connect to Quake 3 servers
Just a log entry when i connect to Quake 3 servers.
Schermafbeelding 2019-06-20 om 20.02.26
And here are some connection screens:

Hope this helps connecting the pal users ūüėČ



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June 15

Fix it Felix Mega Drive Blood code.

Dra600n of AirWalk Studios released his make of Fix it Felix jr. on genesis to the public a couple months ago.
It works on the Mega Everdrive. However some times some of the sprites are missing and you have to reset the game to make them show.
Download link to the Rom
It works perfect on RetroPie.
Cheat Codes:
[Marathon Mode]: Down Right A C Up Left A
[Blood Code]: A B A C A B B
[Extra Time]: A C C Right Up A Left

Blood code doesn’t work with marathon mode.

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June 7

N64 Super Bowsette


I Did some Rom Modding.. (again) ūüėÄ
Found this Rom made by Kaze Emanuar (Download)

Like the concept of it, but it was laking some extra textures..
So I added some more 2 make it more Bowsette like…
Still work in progress no release plannend for now.
So there is now Download link for now.


Here are some screenshot of the textures, I changed so far:

Some in game screenshots:

I use N64Rip to change the in game graphics:
Good link for information on those textures, you will need a Hex Calculator to count the hex values together.


Did also some text editing changed Mario in to Bowsette.

Just started N64 Rom modding so still checking out the tools and most of them don’t work on OSX. (10.14.5)
Found a few that run well under playonmac.

Got bored and made a nice box art for it:

Credits for the nice background Pixiltales..
Needed for my Retropie ūüėÄ

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May 4

PS4 And Linux.


Recently I jailbroken my PS4 and now we gonna run Linux on it.


Lets start


The installation is identical to the previous version, DO NOT use other bzimage, initramfs or linux loader! Take only those linked on this page!

ATTENTION: the USB device that you will use for the installation will be completely formatted, all the data will be deleted!

IMPORTANT: for the moment the payload of the linux loader provided here is valid only for those on fw 5.05. Time permitting we will add those for the other fw.


  • A USB device of at least 12GB (better if 3.0 and better still if ssd)
  • Keyboard.
  • Mouse (if you don’t have a mouse you can connect dualshock 4 and use the touchpad as a mouse but it’s not the maximum of comfort).
  • A USB hub.
  • initramfs.cpio.gz:¬†Download!¬†md5:¬†¬†7c38ca9c4eaff335ef52cef398ab1278
  • bzImage md5:¬†Download!¬†¬†md5:¬†¬†20fe8941f2238b35822ea61939f2393d
  • psxitarch.tar.xz¬†Download!¬†md5:¬†¬†8058d928b9a3f9532d55535e166789f7
  1. Format the usb device in FAT32 (NOT EXFAT!), The usb device must have only one partition and the partition table must be mbr (MS-DOS (FAT32)), if the installer does not recognize the usb device use this program for format it: Download!
  2. If you have connected the PSVR disconnect it, also remove the processor unit (PU), keep only the PS4 connected to the TV.
  3. Go to the ps4 audio / video settings and set the resolution to 1080p.
  4. Go to the system settings and disable  Enable HDMI connection and  Enable HDCP
  5. Copy the bzImage, intramfs.cpio.gz and psxitarch.tar.xz files to the root of the usb device.
  6. Connect the usb device in the ps4.
  7. Connect mouse and keyboard
  8. Open the web browser and visit this page  https : //psxita.it/linux-loader to start the linux loader payload (the page can be kept in the cache if you want), for those who want to use the bin can take it from here: Download ! md5:  d5e698431b577bb83638a06cdc0eaf33
  9. After a few seconds the ps4 should reboot, wait until rescueshell appears
  10. Write  exec install-psxitarch.sh to start installing psxitarch linux
  11. Wait, you should see a long list of files that are copied to the usb, at the end (after about 25/30 minutes) the distro should start automatically.¬†If it doesn’t start, type¬†¬†exec start-psxitarch.sh
  12. Enjoy.

The distro does not require you to enter a username and password but you will need it if you would like to obtain root permissions:

username:  psxita
password:  changeit


The default payload you find on the https : //psxita.it/linux-loader page  sets the Vram to 2GB, if you want to set it to 3GB use this payload to start linux:  https : //psxita.it/linux-loader-vram3 , if instead you want to set it to 1GB:  https : //psxita.it/linux-loader-vram1
You can use the payload you prefer at any time but during the psxitarch installation NEVER use the vram3 payload.

NOTE: RAM and VRAM are a single block, so the more vrams assigned, the lower the RAM. Do your accounts.


  • The distro should be compatible with all ps4 models but some monitors and TVs with strange resolutions could give problems and not display anything on screen, if you have the chance try another tv.
  • Graphics acceleration on ps4 pro is not yet fully exploited.
  • The internal HD per hour is detected only on the CUH-10xxx and CUH-11xxx models.
  • Vulkan RADV drivers are not stable yet (it will surely improve with time) in certain emulators / games they could give problems or perform worse than opengl, while in other better ones (see dolphin-emu).
  • The wifi and the bluetooth could in some cases crash (disappear), in the case reboot the PS4, if it still does not work disable the network and launch linux using the cache.¬†NOTE: despite the fix on some versions of ps4 the wifi and / or the bt may not work, unfortunately we have not yet found a valid solution for all consoles.
  • In rare cases, USB devices (mouse, keyboard, …) may not be detected, in case the console is restarted
  • It could happen that after installation some items in the menu are missing, to correct the problem go to “Jwm Config” and select “Refresh Menu”.


We want to thank the people who have and continue to contribute to the development of Linux on PS4 (hoping not to forget anyone)
Valentinbreiz , shuffle2 , flatz , CelesteBlue

The testers, who put up with us all these days, thanks for the patience guys;)
Shim , antonwantstosleep , glitch, Astromatik, Anekcahap

And all the guys on the discrete channel Official Playstation 4 Scene


How to install linux and run Steam on Playstation 4


PSXItarch Information:

The USB device that you will use will be completely formatted, all the data will be deleted !!

  • Copy the initramfs, the bzImage, and the psxitarch.tar.xz file to the root of the USB device
  • Connect the USB device to the PS4, if you have connected other USB devices disconnect them (you must have only one USB device connected)
  • Start the exploit
  • Start the payload
  • Wait a few seconds, the screen should go black and then the rescushell screen will appear
  • Connect the keyboard, write:¬†¬†exec install-psxitarch.sh¬†(the keyboard layout is set to the US, to write the dash you have to use the key‚Äė
  • Wait until the distro is installed (you should see a long list of files that are copied to the USB), the installation time varies from USB to USB (if you are crazy enough to install the distro on USB 2.0 it should take about 25 minutes)
  • After the installation, the distro should start by itself and show you the login screen, if you do not start to write
    exec start-psxitarch.sh
    (from the next restart the distro should start alone, you will not have to write anything)

On the login screen, enter your

username psxita
password changeit

Gentoo Information:

D5tGFWzXkAAOeg7D5tGlpvW4AM3boYD5tG7gxXoAAcETN  D5tHKyZWwAE2dAv (1)

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September 24

Ps3 Mod by Ipod :-D

My first ps3 that i modded i used my ipod touch to unlock it.
it was fairly easy to do below you can find a guide to setup the exploit.


This picture shows the mod in progress.
(How to install PSfreedom on iPod touch 1G)Updated PL3 payload

What you will need:
An iPod Touch 1g running 3.1.2 with blackra1n
Vmware Player
Ubuntu 10.04
PS3freedom for ipod touch PL3
PS3freedom for iPhone 2g/3g PL3
OpenSSH (Installed from Cydia on your iPod touch)Alright, so I start here assuming you have the above.
Please note that 3.1.2 iPods with redsn0w may or may not work.Install ubuntu on your vmware player and start it.
First we will install OpeniBoot, get it from the link.
First, make a folder in your home directory named openiboot, move the files from the download above into the openiboot folder.Now, open a terminal (under applications, accessories) and type “cd ~/openiboot” without the quotes. Next, type “sudo su” (for the rest of this section, do not type the commands with the quotes around them). Enter your password that you use to sign in to linux (don’t be afraid if you don’t see yourself typing anything, its a security feature).Now then, we get to installing openiboot. Plug your iPod touch in with recovery mode (shows up as connect to itunes on your iPod). In VMware, go to the VM tab, go to removable devices, and look for anything saying apple device or iPod. On that, click “Connect (Disconnect from Host)”.Now, in terminal type “./loadibec openiboot.img3″. You should see openiboot come up on your iPod Touch. On your iPod Touch, click the top left button once, so you highlight Console. Now, click your home button. On linux, in terminal, type “./oibc” quickly after doing that last step. You should see the text on your iPod come up in the linux terminal. When you see “Welcome to OpeniBoot” type “install” into the terminal.

You should it start to install, so wait a few minutes until it is completed. Congratulations, you have installed OpeniBoot and finished the first part of the tutorial!

Now then, to get the exploit installed installed ( Don’t need ubuntu from now on)

Take the 2 files from the .gz(extract using 7zip) you downloaded (android.img.gz, zimage) and put them in a place you will remember. Next, open up iFunbox(in windows) and navigate to root file system/private/ and copy those 2 files into the var folder (root file system/private/var).

Make sure that the 2 files are exactly the same size as the files on your computer, as this is an annoying part to screw up on. Now that that is done, open up winscp. But before you can do anything with that, go to your iPod Touch and find your IP address (Press the blue arrow in Wifi Settings).

Now, copy the IP address into the winscp “host name” box. Then put the name “root” as username, and the password “alpine” as the password. Now, before connecting, change the file protocol to scp. Then, press login. It should take a moment, then display your iPod Touch directories on the right side of the screen.

Navigate to private/var and check that all 2 files are there. Now, right click each file, select properties, and change the permissions to 777 (make sure the first 3 rows of boxes are selected).

Turn your iPod Touch off, and then on, and OpeniBoot should come up. Select Android, and it should boot.

The actual exploit.

Switch of ps3 and then switch it off and on at the back.
Have the iPod connected to the PS3 with no other USB devices.
Click on Android on your ipod
When you see the Loading Firmware line, hit your power+eject
Press power then eject quickly.
Should boot up with the 2 new icons

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September 24

Beta tester for a PS3 tool

Back in the hay days of the ps3  Contacted me to test his new ps3 tool.
Its a all in one tool for ps3 in a nice GUI.

He contacted me because i have been checking different build versions of eboot.bin  files.
Results of scetool:

I shared a lot of info on forums like psx-scene.com ps3hax.com and i got his attention.
On twitter he asked me to beta test the final version of his tool.
I never beta tested a program my self and found it a great honor to do.
Over twitter i told him my results and he updated the bugs afterwards.
This was a great experions and found it very cool.
Below is the release info on psx-scene.com where you can download the tool your self.

Source: psx-scene.com

In a turn of events, PsDev has released his final edition of PS3Tools GUI Edition, v3.3.

He has also stated he plans on releasing the source code to his project at a later time, so others may continue the work he started. He has told me the reason he wishes to stop work on this project, is so that he can move on to develop other projects. Below you will find all 12 releases, all of which were released here at PSX-Scene first. Thanks PsDev!

It has been fun making this program, it has gone threw 12 awesome updates. I’m sad to stop working on it, but I’m happy to see what you guys can continue to make it into. I will release the source code, but not today, not in this thread. lets leave that for another time and focus on this release. This is also the most stable version, all features have been tested not only by me but other people too, (Dcnigma, Industerialcode) and all features work properly.



  • scetool v0.28 added
  • New keys added to keyset
  • New script for EBOOT resigning
  • New file system layout
  • Removed do it button
  • Now everytime you select a option from one of the drop down menu it does that option right away
  • Removed SELF tool
  • Cleaner
  • Every option has its individual message box completion of operation

There is a new way that the file system works. There is a individual folder for all the tools (PUP Tools, scetool, Core_os Tool ect) And when you want to use the tool just place the file in the correct folder and use the GUI. This system is cleaner and allows me to not use as much code.

there is a script in the scetool folder called fix. This script is what can be edited to your standards for the EBOOT resigning. I did this so if you want to sign for 3.41 ect or change compression or anything just edit the script and run the GUI no need for new update, much more efficient

@echo off
FOR /F "tokens=1,2 delims= " %%A IN ('scetool.exe -i EBOOT.BIN') DO (
if [%%A]==[ContentID] set CID=%%B
scetool.exe --decrypt EBOOT.BIN EBOOT.ELF
scetool.exe --sce-type=SELF --compress-data=FALSE --skip-sections=TRUE --key-revision=0A --self-auth-id=1010000001000003 --self-add-shdrs=TRUE --self-vendor-id=01000002 --self-type=NPDRM --self-fw-version=0003005500000000 --np-license-type=FREE --np-content-id=%CID% --np-app-type=EXEC --np-real-fname=EBOOT.BIN --encrypt EBOOT.ELF EBOOT.BIN
scetool -i EBOOT.BIN

There is no more “Do It” button, since I change the way the files are modified I thought I will just make every option a button it self, si when you click the option you like from the drop down menu it will do the operation

Note* After click may take a sec for the operation to start be patient.
DOWNLOAD: PS3Tools Final


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September 20

Test card/screen Simulator!

My dad is a Ham Radio/TV amateur and he asked if i could write a better version of his version Test card/screen program that he found on the internet.

http://home.worldonline.nl/~peterdb/testcard/ Site is offline 

My version is almost a one 2 one copy of Peter his program the only different aspect is: custom screen options.

My dad complains that after he upgrade his video card he could get Peter’s version working correct.

So i looked at the application and told my dad that i could code that in one day and make it better.
I took this challenge because i written some code for custom screen options before.

My version got all basic functions that peter’s version got i left out the RGB options because otherwise i couldn’t make the dead line of one day ūüėÄ

If you select view set location Testbeeld you get another window and you can drag it to the desired screen/location…
after hitting the Set button the location is fixed.
If you hit the fullscreen button it will load the Test card/screen on that location.
Some more test card options:

Download: Dropbox download. Testscreen app

Source code : Github
Video demo:

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September 14

My Wii homebrew pong game

In 2010 i made a WiiPong game just to demonstrate that Wii Game Studio can have Multiplayer..

At that time Wii Game Studio was under heavy fire from developers. they said it was not really a good product…….

And that the creator can’t charge money for other peoples work…

It was a hole flame war, ok the creator
did’t credit any of the dev kit or other tools used for compiling Wii homebrew.
And it din’t came also include in the pack.. so at the time i found it no problem still not.
I found it easy to create simple games for my Wii without a extend knowledge of the WII Dev kit..

So for a graphic designer that wants to learn and create games for his wii its was a dream came true.

I payed for the gui and start making my first demo’s for my self..

Later on tehskeen.com wii game studio got such a bad name that i wanted to do something about it..

So i decided to make a game for it. to show that wii game studio can produce a good looking homebrew game and have multiplayer in a creative way..

Because Game studio only supported one wii controller you needed a good idea to map your controls for
two players on one controller..

so i thought to my self witch game use’s simple controls?


So my WiiPong version of Pong will use only 1 controller.
There is no cpu play because the goal of this project was to show that 2 player games
where possible in Wii game studio you just needed to be creative to work it out..

How to play?
Left and Right for player 1
Plus and Minus for player 2

Game Types:
– Best of 3
– Best of 5
– Best of 100


Download at:  http://wii-homebrew.com/wii-homebrew/wiipong

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